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NCF Missions Committee

Mission Statement: To encourage, lead, and facilitate the body of Northside Christian Fellowship to be obedient to the Great Commission (Matthew 28:12-20).

Our Missions Committee generally meets once a month. While church membership is required to make decisions on the committee, it is not necessary for attending the meetings. We welcome you to attend and learn more about the missions we support!

The Committee prescreens and oversees various missions supported by NCF. Applicants for missions support are given an application for either short-term or long-term missions, depending on their needs. They complete this application and turn it in along with references, a mission statement of the organization they plan to work with, and more. The Committee interviews them and reviews all of this, confirms the doctrine of their chosen organization is in line with NCF’s beliefs, and then makes a recommendation to the church elders. The elders make the final decision.


Northside Christian Fellowship helps to support the following missions and missionaries

Bonner Gospel Mission

 Bonner Gospel Mission

Bonner Gospel Mission is a Christian-based shelter for men, providing food, beds, and Bible studies to provide God’s answers for their needs. The mission is located in Ponderay, Idaho, north of Sandpoint.

NCF members make a special gift each year to BGM - we annually raise a large delivery of paper and cleaning products that are delivered to the mission. This is usually announced in November/December and can be contributed to using the designated wooden chest on the landing.

From the director: At Bonner Gospel Mission (BGM), we have a “1 Step necessary act” — Repent! The Bible says that we have the victory over “seductions, temptations, and attractions of the world,” not by a program but through a Person, Jesus Christ.

Website: BonnerGospelMission.org


Oplands TLC

Eric and Jen Opland with Tanalian Bible Camp

After 13 years of serving on the foreign mission field in Mexico, Peru, and Chile, Eric and Jen sensed that God was leading them in a different direction. He has opened the doors for them to serve at Tanalian Bible Camp (TBC) in Port Alsworth, Alaska.

TBC has been serving the youth in over 30 villages in the region of Southwest Alaska for 48 years. Villages that range in population from 50 to 2,000 and all are only accessible by air.

In 2011 TBC started a new program, Tanalian Leadership Center (TLC), to mentor Alaskan young adults by training them to grow in every area of life; arming them with spiritual strength to stand and serve the Lord; and equipping them with practical skills necessary to live productive lives in rural Alaska.

Eric is now the Tanalian Leadership Center Vocational Director; along with mentoring and discipleship, he will provide the students with basic job skills in various career areas which will include hands on training in carpentry and other other entry level skills. Jen is also part of the TLC program, assisting in whatever capacity she is needed.

email: oplands@tanalianleadershipcenter.org

Tanalian Bible Camp



Alu & Barbara Schmidt with Deutsche Inland Mission

Alu was born in the Black Forest Mountains of south-west Germany, Barbara is from Midwest City, Oklahoma. They met at a New Age Training Center in northern California. In 1983, while pursuing their goal of opening a New Age Center in the Black Forest, Christ opened their eyes to the One and Only Truth. Alu completed seminary in 1999; they then ministered in (formally Communist) north-east Germany and (East) Berlin. April 2017, they returned to the family home in the Black Forest in order to reach people in this traditionally Catholic area. In the valley here, the Kinzig River Valley, it is a 60-minute drive from one evangelical church to the next closest. This is a drive through 14 towns (the population density in this county is over 225 persons per km2 - almost 30 times that of Bonner county).

Here, the worship of Mary and other Catholic rituals are taken very seriously and Protestants are still considered to be heretics. Witness for Christ is no easier, no more welcome, here than in it was in the former German Democratic Republic. Germany, home of the Reformation, is very much a mission field today. Our mission, DIM – Deutsche Inland Mission, is called to establish Bible-believing fellowships in Germany.

Our goals:

  • Introduce people to Jesus Christ
  • Establish fellowships of believers (and “seekers”) which follow the principles of the Bible, recognize elders and live by the spiritual standards of the priesthood of all believers. (1 Peter 2:9)

Email: Schmidt@dim-online.de

Rilla Springstead

Rilla Springstead with United World Missions

Rilla Springstead was raised in a Christian home and came to Christ at an early age. Her love for the Lord grew and she was able to spend her college years studying the Bible in a rural setting in Montana. That’s where she met Keith & Corky Goullette. She later served in Alaska for several years at a Bible Camp and then moved back to Montana for 7 years. Rilla’s heart was moved toward the needs in Europe where she served with Greater Europe Mission for 13 years. In 2004, Rilla moved to Charlotte, North Carolina to work with United World Mission where she currently serves as Executive Assistant to the CEO & CFO. She also interacts with new appointees to the mission field and enjoys helping to support 350 missionaries around the world in 40+ countries with administrative support.

The mission of UWM is to see God change lives and transform communities everywhere by partnering to equip leaders, establish churches, and engage in holistic mission.

United World Mission - Charlotte, North Carolina


Seasonal Ministries

OCC Shoebox

 Operation Christmas Child by Samaritan’s Purse

The mission of Operation Christmas Child is to demonstrate God’s love in a tangible way to needy children around the world, and together with the local church worldwide, to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. We always give shoeboxes to children based on need, regardless of their background or religious beliefs. It’s an unconditional gift of love.


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