Sunday’s Message - “CONFUSED?”

Pastor Keith continues chapter 14 of I Corinthians this week, advising us God’s Way is the only *right* way, so Do It This Way.

Announcements & Info

In Your Bulletin This Week … current prayer family … info on need for teachers & helpers … another baby shower ♥  … this week’s birthdays & anniversaries … in-house ministries … CHECK OUT your print bulletin to learn more!

beauty of intolerance

Summer Reading


With some of our weekly bible studies on break for summer, here’s a great book to fill that gap! Pastor Keith would like to see parents and grandparents read it to be able to minister to their children. This book teaches how a biblical approach to truth can counter a false understanding of tolerance while co-existing with Christlike compassion.

Upcoming Events


church campout


  • Annual Church Campout - *JULY 28-31* – AT TWIN RIVERS - It’s camping time!!

    Air out your sleeping bags, clean your grill, and get ready for this super fun annual event!! Everyone is welcome to join in the fun up at Twin Rivers Resort.

    NEXT SUNDAY: CHURCH SERVICES WILL BE HELD AT THE CAMPOUT!-–There will be NO services at the church building next Sunday, the 31st. There will also be a special breakfast served first thing Sunday morning, before the service - don’t miss this treat!
    Join us at 10:45am on Sunday while we worship our Lord under the cottonwood trees at Twin Rivers! There will be a special message given by Ken Jacobson … come learn about an often overlooked aspect in the life of David that can be very helpful in modern day Christians’ lives:

    Secret of David
    - River baptism…..If you are interested in being baptized at the church campout, please speak with Pastor Keith Goullette some time prior to the campout.
    - Please be aware that we ask everyone to be considerate of their swimming apparel, that all outfits be modest.

THIS WEEK: Studies & Ministries for Week of July 24-30

Monday 7-9pm - Men’s Bible Study in Acts

NO Ladies’ Bible Study in Acts - on summer break!

NO Hermeneutics/Revelation study - on summer break!

***Be sure you check out the summer study book Pastor Keith has recommended (see above announcement)

Is there an event that should be on the church calendar? Submit all NCF events through our contact form so Cari can get it on there (pending approval).

Break forth, O mountains, into singing! - Isaiah 49:13

mountains singing

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