August 16, 2015

Divine Directions

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Passage: I Corinthians 7:10-11
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Sermon Notes

Divine Directions

Theme: Church Life

Thesis: Follow Directions

Scripture Text: I Corinthians 7:10-11

I.  She - vs. 10, 11a

II. He - vs. 11b

Sermon Readings

Genesis 2:21-24

Matthew 5:31-32

Matthew 19:10-12

Mark 10:1-2


Next to your relationship with Christ, your relationship with your spouse is the greatest one in this life.

God says marriage is for life. All couples are basically "incompatible" - but that's what Christ-like LOVE is for. It is the lubricant that helps. Marriage is God's BEST spiritual growth program!

Marriage is a COVENANT for LIFE. God's design. Be *very* careful about getting married.

God has a PERFECT will and a PERMISSIVE will. PERFECT is according to what He has laid out in Scripture. PERMISSIVE is not the *best* way, but involves God looking out for an innocent party.

God gives us directions ... let's FOLLOW DIRECTIONS from the Word of God.
divine directions

Sermon length: 40:34

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