March 27, 2016

Easter 2016 – The Scarlet Thread of Redemption

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The Lord Is Risen

Easter 2016 - The Scarlet Thread of Redemption


WELCOME: Keegan Daly
SONGS: Congregation to Sing 3 Songs
INTRO: Justin Snyder
SONG 4: 'I Love to Tell the Story' with Desi, Rick & Keegan
READER: Justin Snyder
SONG 5: 'Adam, Where Are You?' (CD by Don Fransico)
READER: Justin Snyder
READER: Keegan Daly words to song ‘God Will Provide a Lamb'
READER: Justin Snyder
SONG 6: 'New Again' by Keegan Daly & Jana Cates (CD by Michael Card)
READER: Justin Snyder
READER: Steve Aller words to song ‘Blessed Redeemer’
SONG 7: 'HE'S Alive' (CD by Don Fransico)
READER: Justin Snyder
SONG 8: 'HE Lives' by Rick Palmer
READER: Justin Snyder
SONG 9: 'Because HE Lives' by Rae Lin Aller & Desi Mangum
READER: Justin Snyder
SONG 10: 'The KING Is Coming' with Everyone, Piano and Flutes
READER: Justin Snyder
SONG 11: 'I Can Only Imagine' by Jason Cates (Mercy Me)
MESSAGE: Rick Palmer
PRAYER: Steve Aller


READER Justin Snyder
FLUTES Emily Branham
Ruby Bartlett
Sharon Palmer
VOCALS Desi Mangum
Jana Cates
Rae Lin Aller
Jason Cates
Keegan Daly
Rick Palmer
Steve Aller
MESSAGE Rick Palmer

PRAYER Steve Aller


A SPECIAL THANKS TO … Julie Klerck, Ruby Bartlett, Rick Palmer, & Ben Cherry for all their help with this year’s program!
AND THANK YOU … to everyone who served and prepared food for this morning’s Easter Breads Fellowship!


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