April 5, 2015

Easter Sunday – Halleluiah! He Is Risen!

Series: ,
Passage: Matthew 28
Service Type:

A special Easter Sunday Musical Presentation


Order of Events:

Song: “Christ the Lord is Risen Today” (lyrics on previous page)

Song: “He Lives” (lyrics on previous page)

Song: “God With Us” - Rod Leas & Brittney Driggars


Act 1 - Temple in Jerusalem

Song: “Now That I Held Him In My Arms” - Michael Card CD

Joseph and Mary - David & Ashlei Cherry

Anna - Ruby Bartlett

Simeon - Eric Klerck

Baby Jesus - Hannah Klerck


Act 2 - At the Well

Samaritan Woman - Emma Shutts

Song: “Living Water” - Emma Shutts


Act 3 -Sea of Galilee

Peter - David Cherry

Disciples - Jason Cates & Rod Leas

Song: “Oceans” - Brittney Driggars


Act 4 - Anointing Jesus’ Feet

Mary of Bethany - Tessa Murray 

Song: “I Worship You” - Tessa Murray


Act 5 - At the Cross

Bowing believers - Jana Cates & Jason Cates

Song: “Cross of Love” - Emma Shutts

Song: “Perfect Love” - Ashlei Cherry


Act 6 - Resurrection

Song: “Christ Arose” - Hali Aller


Act 7 - God’s Rescue Plan

Song: “You Deliver Me” - Jason Cates & Jana Cates

Piano: Jason Cates


Act 8 - Ascension

Song: “Before the Throne of God Above” - Tessa Murray & Hali Aller


Act 9 - God’s Love for Us

Song: True Love - Brittney Driggars

Signing: Emma Shutts


** A very special thank-you to the many, many hands who helped in so many ways to ensure this year’s program came together. Everything from the singers and actors/actresses to …

Props: Rae Lin Aller, Susan Burrows & Steve Aller

Costumes: Rae Lin Aller & Susan Burrows

Computer work: David Cherry, Emma Shutts & Dave Jezak

Sound board: David Cherry & Mark Prevost

Lighting: Susan Burrows

Program: Ashlei Cherry

Baby-sitter during practices: Pam Mangum

It was and is an incredible blessing!

No audio available

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