April 12, 2020

Home Church: Resurrection Sunday

Passage: John 20:1-31, I Corinthians 15:1-21
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Hello Church Family,
Below is a Bible study for you to use for your “at home” Resurrection Day church service. It breaks my heart that we can’t be together today to celebrate our risen Savior, but none the less, we can still celebrate Him in one heart and one mind.

Praying for you all,

- Pastor Kyle

“Home Church” Bible Study Guide

Topic: Resurrection Sunday

Resurrection Sunday

  • Open in prayer.
  • Sing some worship songs. Feel free to do this however you prefer, but at the bottom of this email are some options for you to sing acapella or with an instrument, if you can. Save the last song, “Doxology,” for the end of your Bible study time.
  • Consider using whatever drink and bread you may have to celebrate communion with your family.

Read John 20:1-20

Though Jesus told them many times that He would raise back to life on the third day, His disciples and followers still didn’t understand. When Peter and John stood inside the empty tomb, verse 9 tells us that they still didn’t understand. Even as Mary saw the two angels, she didn’t understand yet what had happened. It wasn’t until Jesus revealed Himself to her, and then to the disciples that they were utterly convinced and believed what had happened.

Read John 20:24-29

  • What did it take for Thomas to believe?
  • Why do you suppose that Thomas had such a hard time believing until he had witnessed such convincing evidence?
  • What important point is Jesus trying to make in verse 29?

Faith in Christ is not founded on blind faith. On the contrary, our faith is built on an overwhelming amount of convincing evidence such as the written testimony of the apostles (the New Testament), Creation, the indwelling work of the Holy Spirit in every believer, and many, many more evidences. Although Thomas had not seen the resurrected Christ until eight days after His resurrection, the other disciples and some of the women had, and they testified to him about what they had seen. Jesus was making the point clear that though seeing may be a way to believing, it’s not the only way. Rather, blessed are those who are willing to believe with the convincing evidence that God has made available to them.

Read John 20:30-31

  • Why did God give us the written Gospels?
  • Why is it essential to know, believe, and except the complete Gospel in order to have “life in His Name”?

There are many religions that believe in an incomplete version of Jesus, but each of them stops short of the whole Gospel. Muslims, for example, believe that Jesus was a real person, but they do not believe that Jesus rose from the dead (amongst many other wrong beliefs). Believing the resurrection is absolutely essential for salvation, and Satan knows this.

Paul addressed this issue in 1 Corinthians 15. Read verses 1-4 and verses 12-19 (for greater context, you may want to read all of verses 1-19).

  • What point is Paul trying to make in verses 1-4?
  • According to verse 12, what key doctrinal point had the church at Corinth gotten vitally wrong?
  • According to verses 17-19, if the resurrection was a hoax, what would that mean for all Christians of all times?

Read 1 Corinthians 15:20-21

The fact is, Christ did raise from the dead, and because of that we can have eternal life. Without the resurrection, we have nothing but a dead Messiah which is no Savior at all.

As we celebrate Resurrection Day, let us remember “ALL” that Jesus Christ did for us!

  • Sing the closing song, “Doxology.”
  • Close in Prayer.

Easter songs 1

Easter songs 2


If you’re interest in some additional worship focused things to do today, check out Answers In Genesis’ “Answers Easter Event.” They’ll be releasing different videos throughout the day that can be watched on either YouTube or Facebook. Here’s the link: Answers Easter Event.

Here’s one in particular that looks very fitting with today’s resurrection message, and it premieres at 9:00am.

He Is Risen: Evidences of the Resurrection 

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