October 7, 2018

Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled

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Passage: John 14
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Bruce and Lynda Morock


Speaker: Bruce Morock, missionary
Scripture Text: John 14


Bruce and Lynda Morock have been missionaries for nearly 30 years, mostly in Mexico.

JOHN 13:21 - Jesus was troubled in His spirit. His soul is sorrowful, yet He is concerned for His disciples and is comforting them

  1. John 13 - Jesus knows His HOUR IS COME. He slipped away numerous times throughout the book of John, because His hour had not come
  2.  John 13:21 - one of you will betray Me ... Jesus had only just washed that man's feet. Betrayal was not in the script the disciples were planning to follow
  3. John 13:33 - where I go you cannot come; this was a total game upset to the disciples and their expectations; Jesus had previously told this to the religious leaders of the day, but the disciples had expected they would be treated differently
  4. John 13:38 - you will lay down your life for Me? Will you really? You will deny me.

Like military boot camp, Christ is breaking them down in order to rid them of THEMSELVES, so that He can then build them up to something new.


John 14:1 - Believe in God. Believe also in Me. - He is not a lesser god, or a supplanter - One is the same as the Other. It is not failure as you think, but it is VICTORY.

John 14:2&3 - HOUSE (v. 23 make our HOME) - both immediate return and future return; by the way, this world is falling apart right on schedule

John 14:6 - I am the Way & the Truth & the Life; from Vincent Word Studies: Without the WAY there is no going; without the TRUTH there is no knowing; without the LIFE there is no living.

John 14:12 - Anyone with faith in Him will do greater things - purposeful work, He is unleashing the Church

John 14:13-14 - WHATEVER you ask, in MY name (Jesus "signed" His name to these promises & so many more); pray ANYTIME. ANYTHING. no dropped calls, no voicemail or busy signals.

John 14:16-17 - Why/how is this accomplished? By the SPIRIT that is in us FOREVER.

John 14:18 - He WILL NOT leave you orphans, comfortless


John 16:13 - God's Helper (Holy Spirit) will never leave us, we are NEVER ALONE


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